Think you know everything about wine? There may still be information and anecdotes that you do not yet know on the subject. Thanks to this article, you will know even more about wine. Indeed, there are its unusual and surprising secrets about this prestigious drink. Here are 10 of them!

The Most Surprising Place for a Wine Bar

In September 2014, a French wine bar opened its doors… in a hospital. It was installed in the palliative care department of the Clermont-Ferrand hospital. That French hospital literally opened a wine bar in its palliative care center to help terminally-ill patients. As you know, there is no time or place for a good glass of red wine.

Some Cheap Wines Can Be High Quality

Have you ever wondered why some wine bottles cost $50 while others are sold for thousands of dollars? Many people consider this price gap as a quality gap. However, this is not necessarily the case. Some little-known winemakers produce good wine. By the way, buying great wine online saves you even more money.

Oops… It’s too late!

A Chilean wine has the onomatopoeic name “Oops“. Indeed, the label says that the Carmenère grape variety was taken for Merlot until Jean-Michel Bourisquot revealed the blunder in 1994. Twenty-four years later, the label which confesses this error is still as popular.

These Brits are Crazy!

In order to rob a London wine merchant, a thief hypnotized his victim. Filmed by the CCTV of the store in question, we can see the merchant freeze, then have his wallet stolen before coming to his senses and running after the hypnotist. What some enthusiasts won’t do to drink fine wine!

The Wine Tinder!

VineaLove is a dating site for wine lovers. This site was created by Françoise Pauly, who manages the Vineajobs site, a recruitment platform for wine companies.

A White or a Red Wine with your Crickets?

Laithwaite’s, a British wine merchant, has published a guide to pairing wine with insects. For your crickets, they recommend a dry and fruity white wine. Interesting, isn’t it?

1/5 Bottles of Wine in the World is Produced in Italy

The peninsula produced 49.5 million hectoliters in 2015, ahead of France (47.5 million hectoliters). “Prosecco”, a sparkling Italian wine, is now more popular than champagne.

Red Wine is Beneficial for Female Libido

According to an Italian study, drinking a glass of red wine or two a day improves female desire. This conclusion is not valid beyond three glasses or with another type of alcohol.

Wine Doesn’t Always Gets Better with Time

Contrary to popular belief, wine does not always improve with age. It all depends on the type of grape variety and the method of conservation. Without a wine cellar, a bottle must be drunk within a year, advise the oenologists.

The Gros Caca Wine

This wine which is now sold out has a name that is, to say the least unusual. From the Domaine des Griottes in Anjou, Gros Caca (big poo) is a blend of GROlleau, CAbernet Franc and CAbernet Sauvignon. If you want to go further, you will find more dirty secrets about wine on some websites.

By lalae