Here are some tips on how to choose your wedding nails that compliment your lab grown engagement rings:

  • Consider the colour of your ring. If your ring is white or colourless, you can choose any colour nail polish. If your ring has a coloured stone, you can choose a nail polish that compliments the colour of the stone.
  • Consider the style of your ring. If your ring is simple, you can choose a simple nail polish colour. If your ring is elaborate, you can choose a more elaborate nail polish colour.
  • Consider the occasion. If you are having a formal wedding, you will want to choose a more formal nail polish colour. If you are having a casual wedding, you can choose a more casual nail polish colour.
  • Consider your skin tone. Some colours of nail polish look better on certain skin tones than others. If you are not
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If you are a bit of a businessman or businesswoman, it is very important that you are willing to do your best for your customers and business relations. You are known as the person who is willing to go the extra mile for the results. Answering an e-mail, taking a phone call and contacting someone who can help; you do it all. But what you also need to do, and what you might forget, is to organise live events. Live events have not been part of the business world for a long time. Because of the measures, everything was down for a long time and that is a shame. You were forced to speak to business contacts online or only saw them in office environments. No more events, parties, activities and dinners for you. But now, now is your chance to do live events again. This time you do it …

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