5 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

1. Use Both Organic and Paid Advertising

Social media has become an integral part of any organization’s employer branding strategies. However, effectively marketing roles and company culture through social media can be tricky.

That’s why it is key to consider where your target audience is spending their time and energy so that you can craft customized content for them. For instance, LinkedIn may be the best platform to organically post jobs, while Instagram stories are better suited for millennial and Gen Z engagement.

Additionally, you can use both paid and non-paid advertising in tandem when marketing roles to get the most out of each campaign. No matter the goals for recruitment content, considering social media can really provide an opportunity to create a dynamic advantage in the employer branding space.

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2. Take Advantage of Existing Channels

Recruiting candidates is made easier when you have access to the right resources. Your website and blog are essential components of any recruitment marketing strategy, invaluable for shaping the opinion of your employer brand and promoting content that will benchmark interest among qualified candidates.

When constructing a page devoted to Careers, you should ensure it accurately reflects your company culture and attract the circumstances you’re looking for in any applicant. Ask your marketing team for assistance in creating dedicated web tags or a specific sector of your website devoted solely to recruitment content and employer branding – this way you can target those who most fits your requirements for any given role.

3. Develop Subject Matter Experts

Talented individuals have a personal and passionate view of their industry, which is why it’s so important for organizations to attract and engage candidates who are following both companies and key people in their profession.

This can help in recruitment marketing because personal touches can create an unrivaled connection for applicants and attract them to the company through subject-matter experts who offer insight into specific roles.

By supporting leaders and colleagues with opportunities to share their knowledge, organizations can benefit from developing these internal experts, driving the organization’s reputation forward while also providing real quality content that resonates with job seekers.

4. Send out Personalized Newsletters

Email remains an important communication and recruitment tool, but it can be used for more than marketing. Newsletters are an invaluable resource to build relationships with potential future hires and keep them up to date on your company’s latest developments.

Sending out personalized newsletters to passive candidates allows you to include interesting content related to the roles you offer, your unique workplace culture, helpful insights, and other relevant topics that create dialogue. These newsletters can help connect you with the right candidates while deepening your understanding of what they would gain from joining your team. A simple nudge in the right direction might be all that’s needed to get them to choose your company over another.

Moreover, this often leads to further exchanges that are great for getting to know your prospects – encouraging two-way conversations that can spark long-term partnerships!

5. Find New Ways to Repurpose Marketing Content

Content marketing can become a straightforward process if you know how to leverage existing material. One such method is content repurposing, which allows you to craft new pieces of content from existing ones. This helps stretch your resources, budgets and capacity, without having to start from scratch all the time.

As an example, take a webinar that you have crafted – this could be transformed into short videos for LinkedIn, quoted and linked in blogs or even used for videos on your Careers page. By repurposing this one piece of content in multiple ways, you get much more out of it with minimal effort.

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