When you have the right software for your workplace, you cannot only make things easy for yourself, but you can improve the productivity of your employees as well. You can maintain a positive and professional status toward your small business. So avoid spending and investing more money on buying software that are of no use to you. Also, take some time and give things a little thought. This will not only make your personal life a little easier but also make things easier for you when running a home-based business. 

Here is some popular software that gets you sure shot results and helps you enhance your performance as a home-based business. The good thing about these applications is that you can easily find them and information on them online. You can get a lot of software options on the internet while using Fixed wireless internet for business use. These applications and software are easy to use and help in streamlining your business processes:

Microsoft Office for Word Processing, Presentations and Record-Keeping

This is one of the most popular suites that help you make your business more productive. The suite comprises many essential tools that include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook. There are many other applications that are available and they perform the same functions. But Microsoft Office makes things easier, productive and standardizes things for not only large-scale organizations only. SMEs and other small-scale businesses around the world use and approve the capacity of these applications and software.  

QuickBooks Provides Invoicing and Inventory Management Solution

QuickBooks is widely used for invoicing, maintaining records of customers, and keeping a track of your inventory. Also, it can help you manage the finances of your business as well. It gets you different add-ons that help you to handle different aspects of your business including payroll and things involved in the business processes. Quickbooks caters to the user’s needs of businesses of the SME category. It is capable of performing activities like getting you organized data, paying off bills, and keeping a track of your Profit and Loss statements as well.

Expense and Financial Management Solutions Using Quicken

If you think that Quickbooks is software that is too much for your home-based business, you can use Quicken to track and manage your personal and business expenses and help them prepare your taxes. It is one of the most standardized financial management software. It is capable of storing your financial information and is very easy to use and keeps a good track of many of your accounts and makes payments very easy to use and manage.

Manage Postage Services by Stamps.com

The application helps you print postage using your computer. So gone are the days when you have to run to the post office whenever you need to send a letter or ship a package. One can integrate Stamps.com with QuickBooks and other software packages. All you need to do is get started using Stamps.com. This will help you get access to services of a Post Office using your computer for the whole day. You can also get some discounts as well. Once you get all the services and continue using them, you will get to use all the services uninterrupted until and unless you do not cancel the service yourself. 

Inventory Management and POS Solutions Using RetailEdge

RetailEdge is one efficient way to manage your inventory and keep a track of your customers and your sales. It also offers a credit card point of sale function as well. RetailEdge gets integrated with your e-commerce solutions including Shopify and many other solutions so that users can sync data between RetailEdge and e-commerce solutions. This gives e-commerce solutions, this gives you an accurate view of the available inventory and the sales data. 

Manage Customers Using Streak

This is one of the best software that uses Gmail and keeps your pipeline moving. You can use the app just like you use a spreadsheet to filter out, sort customer information, and set notifications. Data about your customers like emails and contacts and integrate the tool with Good Docs, Sheets, and other Google apps. You can use some handy features like showing whether people have read your messages, view tracking, and tailor follow-up messages accordingly. 

ZipBooks Offers Best Account Features 

Another app that you can use for your startup is ZipBooks. The software can be used to create reports, sync your bank account, manage expenses and maintain invoices. It is available for free and offers some cool features like offering online payments to invoiced customers using your standard Square rates and PayPal rates for different transactions. ZipBooks offers Gusto which is an integrated payroll add-on. It works better with contractor-only employers for only a $6/employee rate without any base price.

Collaborate and Communicate Using Cisco Webex

This is a user-friendly tool that can help you collaborate using features like file sharing, video messages, answering business calls, and exchanging messages. The tool has some noticeable features like integration with your whiteboard supplied by Cisco. Also, you can integrate this tool with your existing Cisco equipment and third-party apps, and bots. Also, to make presentations easy, you can share your screen and files easily with your audience during meetings. You can connect using secure end-to-end encryption to send messages, make video calls and voice calls, and has AI enhancements for cognitive collaboration. The app is very useful for automatic data collection, merging mails for different addresses, using the tool as a Thread splitter

Agile CRM for Managing Customers and Data

The tool is very useful if you have around 1,000 contacts to manage and use your custom data fields and use a helpdesk. Top features offered by Agile CRM include a different and easy way to set your appointments, manage your tasks and track emails easily. Apart from that, Agile CRM can help you with appointment scheduling, tracking down emails, getting deal milestone alerts and managing unlimited tasks and documents. The free version of Agile CRM might not have social media monitoring, but still, you can get support for different email campaigns and get web engagement analytics. 


In the end, one can say that there are so many tools that can help you streamline your communication, accounts, managing customers and their information, and so on. One of the good things about using these apps and software is that you can get the basic versions for free with some useful features. For small business owners, affordability and connectivity are a major concern, these tools are capable of providing both of these solutions and more at no or less cost. 

By lalae