Tips For Growing Your Ecommerce Clothing Business

The E-commerce industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with the 2020 covid19 outbreak we have never been more reliant on online stores. Online clothing stores are one of the biggest online competitors, which is also a very saturated market. If you have your clothing business things might be extremely slow at the minute, or perhaps you are just looking at the next steps to scale and grow your business. There are many small but effective habits that you can implement into your daily business running to get better sales and brand recognition.

It is said that 80% of businesses fail within their first two years, and with the fashion industry being so competitive it would be a smart idea to act fast and get your strategy straight. Here are just some of the important factors in scaling your e-commerce clothing business:

Customer Service Is Key

So many new businesses get wrapped up in their product range, and marketing and simply wait to get their return on investment. The best kind of business is a repeat purchase, as these are the kind of customers who can become valued, constitute to invest, and also recommend to other reliable customers. Unfortunately, a lot of new businesses do not have the facilities to provide great customer service, but there are many ways you can offer an exceptional customer experience with minimal effort.

A great tip would be to streamline your delivery process. Delivery of the course is not always in the control of your business if you outsource to a delivery company, but ensure they have fast delivery results and good communication with you as the business. Make sure the customer is always kept informed and the packages are delivered safely too. If you sell luxury streetwear clothing, for example, it would come with a higher price tag therefore you would hope that the package is securely sealed and not simply left outside on the street for someone to steal.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great strategy to get customers into your website that are genuinely interested in what you are offering. You might send out promotional emails with special discounts, or you might request that customers who have made a purchase leave a review.

Monitor Customer Reviews

Many new businesses neglect the importance of reviews, as many customers will only trust a new clothing website based on their past customer reviews. Good and honest feedback is the most valuable thing for prospective customers to see. It is very clear to see when businesses write an abundance of fake reviews just for people to buy the products, but buyers are savvier now and appreciate the reviews.

Do not fear if you get negative or fake reviews. You should reply to them with honesty and integrity. First, confirm whether the review is from an actual purchase, and try to resolve the issue if it is genuine. If the products are faulty you might send them a new item with a discount code for a future purchase, which furthermore encourages repeat purchases.

Check Your Competitors

Finally, you should never neglect what your competitors are doing. If they are a direct competitor selling the same men’s designer t-shirts, review their price, product quality, and ability to handle customers. Take advantage of their faults and try to make your business stronger in the areas where they are weaker for a competitive advantage.