The human race has been battling various epidemics and pandemics ranging from polio, SARS, the flu, Ebola, and much more, and we have employed various tactics to fight these diseases. The coronavirus is not any different. Technology has no hand in the creation of these pandemics but it has played an important role in combating the spread as well as finding a cure to the various pandemics.

How has technology helped in managing the pandemic?

The role of technology in fighting the coronavirus pandemic can’t be overemphasized. It has been very helpful in various aspects includingBattlingmisinformation

There is a lot of misinformation traveling around about the virus, about its mode of spreading, it’s cure, the drugs to be used, who can get infected by the virus, and more. Thanks to technology, a lot of this misinformation have been corrected. Other misinformation like the number of deaths or infected people has put people in a panic frenzy, thankfully, they have been corrected using technology to reach out to a wide range of people at once.

Tracking people with facial recognition and big data

This feature has made contact trading rather easy. It’s easy to trace who has been in contact with another person. There have been so many platforms and apps created just for this purpose, an example are software offered by spyera, which allows one’s call to be monitored and thus can help trace places the person has been and who the person has come in contact with. Facial recognition software has also contributed a great deal in this aspect, through the use of CCTV cameras and more. 

Increasing traceability and transparency by sharing data

This is very vital because a big part of fighting a pandemic is keeping the people informed on discoveries and any advancements made, as well as the dos and don’ts. Various applications, software, and sites have been set up to keep users abreast with information about the virus, various social media platforms have partnered with the World Health Organization to make necessary information readily available and accessible to the people, people can also visit sores like work serviceto get more insight on what is being done to curb the pandemic. It is however, important you readwork service reviewsto know if the website is worth considering giving a try.

Finding Drugs

I’m sure the first question on everyone’s mind once the coronavirus was discovered is about what effective drug could be used. Although there’s no answer to this question yet, the internet and technology make the process of getting one easier and faster. Several procedures and experiments are being carried out to determine the most effective cure or vaccine against the virus. The use of Artificial Intelligence has also helped suggest components or substances that can help fight the virus, we may have an effective cure or vaccine soon.

Remote working technologies to promote social distancing and maintain business continuity

Since social distancing is a key factor in fighting the disease, offices and various workplaces have had to be shut down leading to loss of revenue and slowly into recession, in a bid to keep the economy going in times like this, many people have turned to remote working or working from their various homes and technology has made it possible for colleagues to interact like they were in the office, to keep work and the economy moving.

In conclusion, the human race has never been more grateful for technology than now when it has played a key role in adding a bit of normalcy to every aspect of life that has been affected by the novel coronavirus.

By lalae