In Hawaii cafeteria plans are: not taxable for earnings tax calculation; taxable for unemployment insurance coverage functions. 401(k) plan deferrals are: not taxable for income taxes; taxable for unemployment functions. In Hawaii supplemental wages are required to be aggregated for the state income tax withholding calculation. You could not file your Hawaii State W-2s by magnetic media.

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There is a $25.00 penalty for a late report in Hawaii. The Hawaii new rent reporting company could be reached at 808-692-7029.

The subsequent common payday if suspended because of a labor dispute or briefly laid off. Voluntarily terminated employees should be paid their ultimate pay by the following common payday or by mail if employee requests it; instantly if one pay interval’s notice is given. Deceased worker’s wages up to $2000.00 should be paid to the surviving spouse or grownup children (in that order) inside 30 days. Conditions require an affidavit of relationship and a receipt.

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