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The world is making some massive changes to combat global warming. The jewellery industry is a sector where changes are combating climate change. The fashion industry will be making a lot of changes in the coming months.

However, it can be difficult for jewellery designers to be more eco-friendly. Additionally, mining is one of the biggest polluters out there. Nonetheless, there are a few ways to ensure you are doing your bit when designing jewellery.


Recycling is important when it comes to protecting the planet. The same goes for jewellery as well. Additionally, plastic is one of the common denominators for polluting the planet. That is why it is recommended that you recycle any plastic. When designing jewellery you want to ensure that you keep any of the shavings off the metals. If you manage to save a lot up, you could make a new jewellery piece by the end of it. It makes the most of the metals you are buying to craft more jewellery. For example, when crafting an art deco engagement ring, keep the shaving as that could be used later on for another ring.

Cut Down on Your CO2 Production

As a jewellery designer, you want to make sure that you are producing a lot of CO2. Additionally, the CO2 production can come from literally nothing. That is with your travel to and from work. It can also be with the machines that you use in your factory. There are plenty of independent jewellery designers out there that work from home, reducing the pollution that they are putting out there.

We suggest that if possible, you work from home instead of travelling to the warehouse. If you do require a warehouse for the production of your jewellery, cycle to work instead. Not only will you be improving your fitness, but you will also be saving the planet.

Know Your Source

When buying your materials for your jewellery, fairmined and fair sourced materials do exist in the jewellery industry. However, you need to know the gold for the jewellery has been sourced ethically. It is there that organisations function properly and they are 100% legal.

There are many mines out there where the miners earn less than the minimum wage. Once you have thoroughly researched the materials and where it sourced from, you can be confident that you are helping the planet.

To Summarise

There are many ways that you can start being more eco-friendly. However, it is extremely difficult to make sure that you are being more sustainable as a jewellery designer. It all depends on the customers and their demands. If you want to buy more eco-friendly jewellery that is more eco-friendly then you could always shop for vintage emerald rings. One thing that you should always be doing is recycling the materials that you have. Whether that would be the packaging of the materials from the jewellery you have just crafted.

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