According to the Small Business Administration, only 33% of small businesses survive ten years. There is a large margin for failure with hidden fees and issues securing capital and maintaining funds. One crucial starting spot for any new business is finding the best business checking account to help your small business survive and thrive. 

Axos Bank is here to help new owners chart a strong course in the small business world. As one of America’s foremost digital banking pioneers, Axos provides its customers with effortless, simple banking. This guideline will assist you in setting up the best Axos business checking account for your business. 

Figuring Out Which Account Works Best For You

Axos offers a variety of accounts to fit your business’s personal needs. 

A Basic Business Checking account with Axos is perfect for new small business owners. There are no monthly maintenance fees or minimum deposit requirements, allowing you the freedom to start without financial worries. You’ll also have access to 4 free months of ADP payroll services when you sign up.

If you are looking for a way to collect interest on your account, consider opening a Business Interest Checking account. This account offers up to .81% interest on deposits. A monthly maintenance fee of $10 can be waived if your balance maintains a daily average of $5000 or more. 

Setting Up Your Account

Setting up an account with Axos is easy and entirely online. Depending on your type of business, you will need other documentation readily available to fill out the application. For example, to start an Axos business checking account for a for-profit company, you must present all articles of incorporation and amendments. 

All business owners and any other signers will need to submit a copy of their driver’s license. Individuals will need to provide various forms of identification to verify their good standing. Contact information will also be required at the start so that Axos can adequately assist you.

Additional Perks With Axos Business Checking Accounts

On top of having multiple options to fill your individual business banking needs, Axos also offers to sign up perks for new accounts. Any small business incorporated since June 2020 is entitled to a $200 bonus when signing up and maintaining at least a $2500 daily average for the first two months with a Basic Business Checking account. 

For even more in-depth information on the different types of accounts and perks available to you, check out’s article on Axos’s Business Checking accounts. They offer plenty of great in-depth tips to help you learn more and make the best-informed decision. 

With many perks and accounts tailored to your business needs, there’s no way you cannot win with a small business account at Axos. You can avoid monthly fees with a Basic Business Checking account or acquire substantial interest on your income with the Business Interest Checking account. It is all available to you in an easy-to-understand online process!

If you are ready to take your small business’s banking to the next step, open your Axos business checking account today. 

By lalae