The US Gas & Oil Industry generates about 110 billion US dollars annually and nearly 8 percent of the Gross National Product. This means if you are an investor, you have a good chance of getting returns on your investment.

Foreign investors have distinct advantages, as well, according to leading international investment professional Dr. Gregory Finkelson. He says the EB-5 visa offers benefits to foreign nationals who invest from $800,000 to $1,050,000 into the US market.

Here are six benefits of using the EB-5 visa to invest in US gas and oil.

1.    Permanent Residency for You and Your Family

Created by Congress in 1990 to boost the US economy through capital investments and job creation by foreign investors, the EB-5 visa allows international investors, their spouses, and unmarried kids under the age of 21 to study, work, live, and retire with a permanent US green card. Once you’re granted this green card, you don’t need company sponsorship or specialized skills and your kids will be eligible to attend US educational institutions.

2.    Passive Income with High Rates of Return

As prices continue to rise, there has never been a better time to invest in oil and gas. Drilling conventional oil wells is as inexpensive as it has been in decades, and there is an expansive opportunity for new innovations. According to Forbes, oil and gas companies will continue to lower costs, lower carbon emissions, and lower risk.

Oil and gas investments can provide you with stable, passive income, many times with high rates of return. Improvements to technology and a shift to developmental drilling have greatly lowered the financial risks. High-quality investments in targeted, successful areas of high production can lead to outstanding performance for your investment.

One such company that Dr. Finkleson endorses is Maxxwell Production, a leading provider of “classical” Slotting Perforation Technology (SPT). SPT is a reasonably efficient method to increase productive inflow in newly drilled and old low productive oil and gas wells.  This technology is environmentally friendly, doesn’t require any chemical or mechanical additives in the soil, and has been used around the world since the 1980s in countries such as the US, Canada, Brazil, Yemen, Poland, Russian, and Kazakhstan.

3.    Opportunity to Make a Difference in the World

The world is demanding cleaner energy, and the US gas and oil industry must supply this energy with fewer emissions. An investment in US oil and gas can contribute to that demand for cleaner energy and the cutting-edge technology that will drive the world towards lower greenhouse gas emissions and more efficient energy consumption. By investing in US oil and gas, you can make a difference to generations to come.

4.    More Competition in the Marketplace

Allowing the entrance of foreign investors into the US market can help create a competitive environment, splitting up domestic monopolies. When you become an investor in US oil and gas, you contribute to a healthier marketplace that ensures firms are continuously striving to offer high-quality products and foster innovation for people everywhere.

5.    Increased Exports Worldwide

As much as the US imports gas and oil, it also exports these products, particularly petroleum products. This production is not just for domestic consumption. Therefore, when you pour international resources into this field, you will boost exports to other countries.

6.    Diversified Workforce

Dr. Finkelson says your international investment may help diversify the workforce in the gas and oil industry. That means, as companies are able to employ more people with different backgrounds and competencies that can bring different ideas to the table, the industry will expand and diversify. By making a foreign investment, you can contribute to a more diverse workforce.

Application for an EB-5 visa may be difficult and requires a professional to help you navigate this complex process. Dr. Gregory Finkelson has helped many international leaders expand into the US market. If you are looking to establish yourself and your family in the US or you’d like to learn more about how to invest in Maxxwell Production’s SPT, reach out to Dr. Finkelson for more information.

By lalae